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28th International ARRB Conference 2018
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Keeping safe around vehicles is easy…isn’t it? Low Speed Vehicle Run Over Prevention

Online 6 December, 2017 @ 2pm AEDT

Low Speed Vehicle Run Over accidents (LSVRO’s) can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The..


What happens when workers and mobile construction plants interact?

Online 15 November, 2017 @ 11am AEDT

Downer Infrastructure Services workers are constantly exposed to the risk of working around..


Trauma Surgeon's Insights – Speed, Cars, Crashes, and The Recovery

Online 18 October @ 2pm
Speed matters! This is a common road safety message by-line but why is it? Why does just a..

Talking sense - Why language is the key to safety

Online 26 October @ 11am AEDT

At the heart of almost every safety problem is confused and imprecise language. Language is..


Vulnerable Road Users – Infrastructure Solutions Online Training Series

Online 14 November - 12 December, 2017

In this five part webinar series, each session will be dedicated to one vulnerable road user..


Roadside Safety Design Online Training Series

Online Coming soon! Watch this space...

In this four part webinar series, we look at roadside safety. We will identify the types of..

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