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National crash and traffic volume database helping to achieve Vision Zero

Victoria trials glow in the dark markings

ARRB hosts road safety online webinar

ARRB report to guide increased recycled material use in road and rail

ARRB taps into Tasmania's Road Network

OmniGrip Direct becomes first recipient of TIPES certification

Accessing the Australian Hydrogen Arterial Route

Supporting a circular economy with recycled plastics

EVE leads the way in future mobility

Combating climate change with zero emission buses

Using recycled materials in infrastructure for Australia's future

ARRB introduces new road safety technology NetRisk2

Rita leads ports and airports at NTRO

South Australia's road network becomes more 'green'

Recycled plastic builds noise walls in Victoria

Using recycled materials to make our roads safer

Exploring recycled materials in the freight rail sector

Roads Minister visits ARRB headquarters, labs and iPAVe

Recycled plastic pipes in drainage systems

Keep your transportation asset projects on track

Intelligent Compaction: the big piece of future road construction

A road to autonomous driving: where are we now?

Bridges - our weakest link or strength of Australia's economy?

Celebrating International Women’s Day at ARRB

ARRB works with local government to identify infrastructure risk

ARRB's new iPAVe boasts world-first technology

Queensland tops nation's 2021 road toll

Safety with Simplicity: Thoughts from the field

Dr Hanson Ngo recognised by Engineers Australia

Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program

Road reflectivity in the spotlight in Queensland

Pothole complaints on the rise in Canberra

Smartphone data improving Australia's road network

Unwanted paint priming the way in road construction

ARRB appoints new lead for iRAP Centre of Excellence

A look inside the NorthConnex Tunnel

ARRB presents at TfNSW Safety Forum

What happens to EV batteries at end-of-life?

ARRB recognised at AustStab Awards of Excellence

Can recycled glass help boost skid resistance on roads?

ADVI Summit 2021 goes virtual to worldwide audience

ARRB gives evidence to Federal Government road safety inquiry

Four key learnings from ARRB’s work with data

Digital twin technology and the roads sector

Heavy vehicle compliance review of best practices

How to extract value from your data

Digitising the freight industry - why is it necessary?

The changing face of infrastructure measurement

Victorian Government announces big plans for home of ARRB

Data and powerful supercomputer creates virtual bees

How ARRB uses data to improve our roads

How much data have you generated today?

Reflecting on engineering making all our lives better

Bridging Transportation Researchers Conference 2021

Key Terms in Asset Management

Recycled tyres trialled in south-east Melbourne road

ABC talks driverless trucks with ADVI

Fulton Hogan's Gibney Barrier receives TIPES stamp of approval

Jeff Doyle joins ARRB to lead new business unit

Driverless vehicles radio interview with ADVI's Rita Excell

Uber and government locked in for 2021 ARRB Symposium

Neil Scales OBE wins 2021 John Shaw Medal

ITS Asset Performance and Maintenance

Tackling Regional Australia's road safety challenges

2021 ADVI economic uplift survey

New Research Report on Road Reliability Measurement

Tiger Woods crash may have been deadly in Australia, says report

CSI: The importance of crash scene investigations

Young people reluctant to use driverless vehicles, says survey

Making Australia driverless ready with ARRB and iMOVE

2021 Federal Budget promises big spend on transport projects

ARRB's future mobility on show at ARX

What do mindfulness and single tasking have to do with driving?

ARRB joins IRF Board of Directors

New Connected and Autonomous Mobility Manifesto launched

ARRB shares expertise at IABMAS 2020

Food delivery rider visibility - Just how important is it?

Safe Mobility Through Future Transport Systems

ARRB features in Nine News report on regional road safety

TMR's Dennis Walsh to speak at ARRB Symposium

The Kelpie - an autonomous vehicle for defence and agriculture

ARRB talks roads with ABC Radio

Star Ratings on local roads - how ARRB can help

Victorian Auditor-General's report on maintaining Council local roads

A day in the life of Ofelia Dela Torre

Dr Collette Burke to speak at ARRB International Women's Day event

$100m road safety boost for South Australia

Collette Burke joins Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)

ARRB awarded contract to measure Victorian Road Network

What ARRB's labs have done in 2019 - 20

Road Safety Management Solutions for Safer Road Infrastructure

NACOE paves the way for future road construction using Intelligent Compaction

A day in the life of Paul Van Damme

Falling Weight Deflectometer gets an upgrade

A day in the life of Stuart Cassin

New ARRB office in Perth open for business

A day in the life of Dr James Grenfell

ARRB ushers in new era of line marking technology

A day in the life of Tia Gaffney

The new ARRB Journal

Using Drone Technology for Pavement Asset Management

A day in the life of Emma Bourke

COVID-19 and fatal crashes in regional Victoria

What lies beneath Australia's motorway tunnels

ARRB to undertake research for WA road signage inquiry

A day in the life of Derek Harris

Regional road safety - ARRB on ABC Radio

Former ARRB intern wins John Monash Scholarship

Proactive Mass-Action Road Safety Treatments across Regional Australia

The winners of the National Transport Research Awards 2020 are...

ARRB supports National Road Safety Week

Network Safety Plans from ARRB

Australian Test Beds and Test Tracks

CLOCS-A: Construction Logistics and Community Safety Australia

Future Transport and Mobility Environment

Shortlisted nominees for the NTR Awards 2020 announced

New guide addresses truck safety concern

2020 Federal Budget: $7.5 billion promised for roads, transport

Road Research Radio - Optimising the road network

NACOE agreement extended until 2026

ARRB's Amazing iPAVe

Road Research Radio - Innovative Freight Solutions

Australian Road Conditions

Why does ARRB have so many vehicles?

ARRB's lnfrastructure Measurement Team

AI technology driving our data collection services

ARRB celebrates World EV Day

How to win a National Transport Research Award

Can crumb rubber used in bituminous binders improve performance?

Testing times - What ARRB's labs have done in the past 6 months

Seal Age Assessment - Quick, Simple, Portable

Safety on rural and regional roads

2020 Gala Dinner off, National Transport Research Awards to be held virtually

ARRB appears before Federal Parliamentary road safety inquiry

Data protection & privacy – what does it really mean for us in Australia?

More ARRB COVID-19 Transport Survey Results

How to extract value from your data?

How ARRB uses big data to improve our roads

How COVID-19 is changing Melbourne's traffic landscape

Are our country roads really in bad condition?

How COVID-19 has changed people’s travel behaviour

Working during the rise of big data

ARRB welcomes new board member, Collette Burke

EVs in Australia - where are we headed?

The Best Practice Guides in Action

Road Research Radio - Best Practice Guides

Nigel Powers talks Best Practice Guides

ARRB CEO elected to International Road Federation board

How COVID-19 affects pedestrian traffic in Melbourne's CBD

ARRB helps in Victoria's recycled material push

Hello future - the changing vehicle landscape

Traffic test for crumb rubber asphalt mixes

The future of mobility podcast

ARRB and ADVI feature on ABC's AM Program

Road Research Radio - Women in STEM

Fibre optic first for ARRB and SPARC Hub

National Road Safety Week - May 4 to 10

Australian road safety first for ARRB

Road Research Radio - ARRB's Labs in the spotlight

ARRB appoints new chair

Road Research Radio - Tia Gaffney talks Transport Safety

In the CBD, cars and people shouldn't mix

Tackling road data's next steps in India

ARRB shares its knowledge in China

Roads & Infrastructure feature: How ARRB Labs contribute to recycled roads

Road Research Radio - Christmas road safety

Your National Transport Research Awards 2019 winners are...

ITS World Congress hears from ARRB

Nominees for the NTR Awards 2019 announced

IDVS4 held in Sydney Olympic Park

ARRB gets grant from Sustainability Victoria

Video on demand to help with upskilling

Smart Pavements Now proves a winner

Expanding ARRB's influence across the waste stream

ARRB opens brand new office in Sydney

ADVI Thought Starter: Future Transport Systems

Crumb rubber's big test in new trial

Smart Pavements Now to be televised

10 years since the Samoan road switch

Deputy PM guest at Guides Workshops

ARRB presents at IPWEA International Conference

ARRB part of National Roads and Traffic Expo

Dr Elizabeth Finkel announced as guest Speaker  for National Transport Research Awards 2019

World-renowned experts share knowledge

NACOE success at AAPA national awards

Australia's Driver Frustration Index

The National Transport Performance Centre is open for business

ARRB talks Driver Distraction with ABC radio

US takes note of Australian experience

Side road activated speed signs

Another green light for WARRIP

ARRB gives Nine News the hole truth

NACOE wins AAPA Award

How to design more resilient roads

Smart Pavements Now program released

Pavement on agenda for Bangladesh team

Extreme makeover time for our iPAVe

ABC Radio features ARRB's iPAVe

Melbourne's Prototype Street gives you a glimpse into the future

ARRB puts spotlight on safety

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